What I think the Texans are thinking

What I think they’re thinking (or should be) at the headquarters of the Houston Texans this evening…

While we might have talked a bit about it Sunday night after our win at Soldier Field, in the big picture we’re not concerned with proving anything to anybody. We want to make the people who support us proud, and prove things to the guys we line up with and the coaches who create the game plans. But don’t read that as any lack of appreciation for winning. "If you get to where winning is relief and losing is grief, you're in the wrong business," Gary Kubiak told the media in Houston today. We can win games that take on all different shapes, and we may well sit as the best team in the NFL right now. Now we’ll turn to the guys on either side of us and tell them about what a threat the Jaguars are. It’ll be a job to convince each other of that, but we're up for it since there is a young quarterback with shaky protection attached.