Chat wrap: Can a team be too vertical?

Highlights of Thursday's perfectly lovely AFC South chat:

JayKay (H-Town): Where can Andrew Luck exploit Houston's defense? I'm guessing he'll be throwing a lot to the TEs?

Paul Kuharsky: Right now, the Texans are exploitable everywhere provided you can slow J.J. Watt.

Nick (Indianapolis): Looking ahead to next year and the 40 million+ coming off the books, do you see Ryan Grigson and the Colts going after a couple big name free agents? or is he more likely to just go after a bunch of lesser players?

Paul Kuharsky: Good players, yes. Necessarily big names, no. If I could achieve one thing in this blog it would be to convince people that big names solve little. How did Mike Holmgren work out in Cleveland? Favre with the Jets? Haynesworth to the Skins? A Julius Peppers to the Bears type signing with impact is the exception, not the rule.

Josephine (Indy): Given our OL, do you think our offense is toooo vertical this year?

Paul Kuharsky: It's working. And I love vertical. Never heard a fan say, 'I sure wish they'd throw more checkdowns and dump-offs.' Is that what you are saying? It would make you unique!

Brian F. (Jacksonville, FL): In your opinion does Jacksonville re-sign D. Smith?

Paul Kuharsky: My answer to all Jags' personnel questions is: Who's the GM?

Rabblerouser (Kansas): Fantasy Division Trade: You can trade one team out of the division for any other team. Who do you trade? Who do you receive?

Paul Kuharsky: It'd be about readership and fan bases. So the team getting shipped out would be the Jags. Coming in would be a NFC East team, Jets, Chicago or Green Bay. NY/ Philly/ Dallas stuff is too over the top. Redskins Stadium isn't enough of a city venue for me. Want to say Green Bay. But it's a pain to get there. So I'll take Chicago, how about?

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