Blogger Blitz: Momentum for Colts, Texans

I'm torn when considering the importance of momentum for the two AFC South teams who will play this weekend.

Per Jason Starrett of ESPN Stats and Info:

  • Since the NFL adopted its current playoff format in 1990, 20 of the 22 Super Bowl champions (91 percent) won at least three of their final five regular-season games. The 2009 Saints (2-3) and 2006 Colts (2-3) are the lone exceptions.

  • Of those same 22 Super Bowl champions, 17 entered the postseason on a win (77 percent) and 12 did so on a win streak of at least two games (55 percent).

The Colts enter the playoffs 4-1 in their past five games with a two-game winning streak.

The Texans kick off the postseason 2-3 in their last five games with a two-game losing streak.