Can Kubiak provide a spark for Texans?

As we sort through the list of things hampering the Texans as they prepare for Saturday’s game against the Bengals, one guy may not be drawing enough attention: Gary Kubiak.

Writes Randy Harvey of the Houston Chronicle:

"The Texans do not need to change their coach.

"They do, however, need their coach to change."

Kubiak says himself he hasn’t done enough to help Matt Schaub, his struggling quarterback.

Harvey sees a lack of creativity: “The Texans have become predictable, falling back on what they know instead of what they can imagine. [Arian] Foster runs left, and when the defense shuts him down, Schaub throws to [Andre] Johnson."

I circle back to Kubiak’s personality.

I don’t want anyone to be somebody he’s not. Kubiak’s steady demeanor and approach have been a big help to the team over the past two seasons. Bob McNair’s patience with Kubiak’s patient approach has produced the team’s first two playoff berths.

But when the team is flagging, when things sputter, when it’s flat, then it's a dangerous thing that the Texans’ team personality reflects its coach.

Because there is no jolt, no spark, no slap in the face to wake the Texans up.

Maybe they come back to life against the Bengals. It happened last year after they had a three-game losing streak to end the regular season. Maybe it happens again this time.

If it doesn’t, I’ll be wondering about that personality and how level and steady needs to find a way to charge the paddles once in a while.