Power rankings from AFC South perspective

Posted by Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson

My initial response to seeing where the AFC South teams ended up in the power rankings was that it makes sense. I had Indianapolis second behind the Saints in my rankings, but how can you argue with what Peyton Manning and company have done this season so far? Half of us voted New Orleans first. The other half voted for the Colts. It's all good. Despite injuries, the Colts have been flawless, and if I were to vote for the league MVP right now, it would be Manning.

Houston was 12th on my list, which was noticeably higher than the other three voters. The Texans are far from perfect, but the passing game is rolling and the defense took legitimate strides last week in Cincinnati against a power rushing offense. I suppose that I was more impressed with that one victory than my colleagues, but it was a huge step in the right direction. Without a second thought, I will take Houston over San Francisco, which struggles to generate offense, or the Packers who might have the worst pass protection in the league.

As for Jacksonville, it ended up as the 22nd team overall and I had the Jaguars 21st. There isn't much to add to that other than I like this offense, but not enough to overcome an extremely suspect defense.

Then there are the Titans. Flat out, they are atrocious. And to be honest, if I could do it again, I would rank them dead last. The more I think about their performance in New England, the more that I believe that every team in this league would beat them right now on a neutral field. Marc Bulger would throw for 250 yards and Steven Jackson would eclipse the century mark on the ground. There was no pride in what the Titans did on Sunday.