Revis trade could hurt Titans' draft

Though the New York Jets might want one of the draft’s top guards, if they had only the ninth pick in the first round, they may have been tugged a different direction.

Now, if Darrelle Revis passes a physical and a trade goes through sending the Jets cornerback to Tampa Bay for the 13th pick and other considerations, the Jets could be more inclined to take the lineman they like -- Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper -- ninth overall.

Tennessee has a hole at right guard, and could well aim to fill it with one of those players. I believe Warmack fits what the Titans are looking for better than Cooper does, thought it’s no certainty the team will draft either if he is there.

The Jets could help make the Titans’ decision for them.

Knowing the Titans at 10 and the Chargers at 11 may covet Warmack and/or Cooper, the Jets could go guard with the first of their two first rounders. The Dolphins at 12 could also be a threat if they see one of those two guards available and judge him a great value, though they have several needs that are more pressing.

So the Jets could land a top-flight guard, preventing the Titans from getting him. Then New York will have another bite at the first-round apple with the Buccaneers’ pick they just landed, just four spots later.