Titans seeking too much from Sammie Hill?

A look at a player from each team who fans, and perhaps the franchise, might be expecting too much from. Emphasis on might.

Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Sammie Hill

The Titans have wanted to get bigger for a couple years now, and Hill gives them the sort of interior wide body they believe could have a big impact for their run defense. It’s a good idea. But they are projecting a guy who was a role player in Detroit playing behind some studs into a much bigger role in Nashville. With the Lions last year, Hill played only 403 defensive snaps of his possible 1,034. That’s 38.97 percent. The Titans were on the field for 1,130 defensive plays a year ago. They’re going to want a lot more than 440 plays, which is what they’d get if he played the same rate as he did in 2012. Provided he is healthy, he will play more than that. Good scouting departments, general managers and coaches project how a player will fare given a bigger role. The Titans need to be right that the 329-pound Hill will be an impact guy given a significantly bigger workload.