Power rankings: Titans climb to second

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The new power rankings are out. As much talk as there is in Titans HQ and in Nashville about the team flying under the radar and going underappreciated, I think you'd have to say they're getting a lot of credit for their 4-0 start here, where they've climbed to second.

Sunday for the win over the Jaguars, ESPN.com sat alongside CBSSports.com, NFL.com and The Dallas Morning News. Most of the big outlets have taken notice.

I still think the Titans could lose five games, emphasis on could -- this Sunday in Baltimore, either vs. Green Bay or at Chicago, a probable split with Indianapolis, probable revenge for Jacksonville, and either the vs. the Jets or vs. Pittsburgh.

Before you jump me for that, please note I am liking their chances for a division title and a home playoff game. How could you not right now?

My AFC South ballot:

The drop for the Colts during a bye may be a little big, but right now I have to judge Washington, Chicago and Baltimore as better. I have Houston the highest of all of us. Maybe I overrate the difficulty of their early schedule.

As always, if you're into these numbers I recommend Mike Sando's detailed breakdown of how we arrived at them. As Matt Mosley says, it helps you know which one of us to yell at.