Should Texans consider Barwin for some TE?

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

A piece of Tuesday mail that warrants its own entry:

Barrett writes: If you're looking for interesting things to talk about I thought Connor Barwin might be an interesting topic.

With the Texans losing Owen Daniels for the season and James Casey for 2 weeks, depth is a concern at the TE position.

Well, the Texans have a hybrid TE / DE on their roster in Barwin.

Converting a player at this stage might cause a setback but then again, he could become a diverse option much like Mike Vrabel or James Casey who is kind of a WR/TE/FB hybrid. He and Barwin share several similar traits.

What do you think?

Paul Kuharsky: This is a very interesting thought, Barrett.

I can’t imagine we’d see any major use of Barwin and I am usually quick to dismiss any kind of position change talk. Matt Schaub’s probably never thrown a pass to Barwin.

But the guy didn’t dabble as a tight end at Cincinnati, he was a tight end for his first three seasons. So while defensive line coach Bill Kollar has worked with him extensively since the Texans drafted him in the second round, he could still have more tight end in him than defensive end.

If I am the Texans, I’d seriously consider the prepping him for possible work in a limited package or two. At the very least, if something happens to Joel Dreessen or Anthony Hill you’d have an additional option Sunday in Indianapolis and can keep the Colts a bit more honest.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. doesn't think it's a good idea:

"He played TE at U of Cincinnati before his senior year and amazingly, they had him play TE at the Senior Bowl-which was a major mistake. I watched him at the Senior Bowl as a TE (knowing that he would be a DE in the NFL) and thought that he was a very good long athlete but wasn't much of a blocker and had very average hands and route running skills. I can't see him going to O right now. He needs a lot of work to learn DE and that is what they invested a high pick in him for, so I feel it would be unwise to slow that progress. But, in time, after he gets acclimated to the league, I could see him doing a Mike Vrabel-like role at the goal line possibly."