RTC: Matt Schaub vs. Tony Romo

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans ...

  • John McClain of the Houston Chronicle takes his yearly look at whether the Texans or the Cowboys have it better at quarterback, noting that neither will play Thursday night in Dallas. McClain sides with Schaub because of his supporting cast.

  • The Texans began making their cuts yesterday, McClain writes. Quarterback Stephen McGee, running back Ray Graham and kicker/punter Andrew Shapiro were among them. Shapiro played really well and cutting him now gives him an opportunity to catch on somewhere else. Because of Antonio Smith's suspension, the Texans only have to cut 14 players to get down to 75 by today.

  • Arian Foster took some time to chat with Sports Illustrated's Peter King after Sunday afternoon's game. He told King he felt more rejuvenated after having most of the preseason off. Foster compared it to the lockout season, when players were off until a late-starting training camp, giving their bodies much-needed rest.

  • Andy Benoit from Sports Illustrated puts the Texans' fate squarely on the shoulders of quarterback Matt Schaub. He offers this, which he says isn't up for discussion, but rather a scouting report: "Most discussions about Schaub veer into a misguided debate about the player himself. But there are six years’ worth of film that clearly illustrate what Schaub is: a smart system quarterback with functional out-of-pocket passing ability, shrewd ball-handling aptitude and unequivocally below average arm strength."

  • Ed Reed was in Vail yesterday, before going back to Atlanta, before returning to Houston. Kristie Rieken of the Associated Press quotes Gary Kubiak saying the Texans aren't panicking about Reed because their whole training camp preparation was without Reed.