Wrap-up: Jaguars 24, Chiefs 21

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

Jacksonville built a big lead with ball control and nice David Garrard-to-Mike Sims-Walker connections, then saw a bunch go wrong as it held on for dear life.

But the Jaguars clawed their way to a very respectable 4-4 record despite a series of late events that transformed a blowout situation into a nail biter.

Up 24-6 with less than 4:30 remaining they allowed a bomb for a touchdown, an onside kick recovery, another bomb to set up a touchdown and a two-point conversion before Greg Jones cradled another onsides kick and ensured the victory.

That the Jaguars’ wins over pitiful St. Louis and Kansas City have been narrow isn’t important. Jacksonville is not in position to earn style points as it retools.

As bad as the Jags’ bad moments have been -- the blanking in Seattle, the tackling debacle in Tennessee -- here the team that can’t sell out at home sits at .500 halfway through its schedule.

It’s better than almost all of us expected, but it’s what the Jaguars have earned and what they deserve.