Watt will hear from teammates on this one

At everybody's seat in the media center Thursday were copies of "MegaWatt: Starring J.J. Watt." It's a comic book that's part of an ad campaign by Gatorade.

The story centers around Watt's journey to the NFL, from a high school kid who aimed to get a Division I scholarship to becoming the Texans' star defensive lineman.

"Every kid kind of dreams about ... being a superhero or things like that," Watt said. "To see myself on a comic book and to see my entire story, it's really cool. I think for my foundation it helps get a message across to kids that if you dream big and work hard you can do anything you want."

DC Entertainment did a solid job of recreating Watt's likeness, minus what appears to be a permanent red line across his nose from the gashd that bloodied him up against the Seahawks. There's no mention of the wildly overblown pizza delivery story, either. (Watt's parents once told me that he got that job so he could afford a scooter when he went to Wisconsin and they told him he had to pay for that himself.)

The online version was previously released, but most of Watt's teammates hadn't seen it yet -- certainly not the hard copy. So one reporter took the comic book into the locker room to show them.

They flipped through, laughed and assured us Watt would be mercilessly teased about being turned into a cartoon tonight at their group dinner. Sounded like it's pretty likely a friendly fine will even come his way from those guys.