AFC South in Pro Bowl voting

Here comes my annual rant.

If you aren’t paying attention to the league closely, I’ll be sending a federal agent to your house to block you from NFL.com so as to prevent you from casting a Pro Bowl ballot.

The special group of agents will be designated as the Name Recognition Task Force.

If you’ve voted for Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, who’s played in half his team’s games this year or are one of the 39,357 who believe Bob Sanders should start for the AFC at strong safety, please raise your hand, step forward and attempt to explain yourself. Sanders missed the first five games, then played in two before landing on IR. Two.

If it's not name recognition voting you are guilty of, perhaps you'll be visited by the Bureau of Blindly Voting for Your Team's Guys.

Are you proud to be one of the 62,635 people who voted for Mike Pollak at guard? At best, Pollak splits time with former AFL2 lineman Kyle DeVan, who now gets the starting nod ahead of him. Is Pollak really the third best AFC guard in your eyes? He's certainly not better than teammates Ryan Lilja, who ranks fourth.

It’s just embarrassing.

Here’s the list of AFC South players who rank in the top five at their position in fan voting, which counts one third of the result, should be taken away immediately and concludes Dec. 21.


1) Peyton Manning, 532,455 votes

5) Matt Schaub, 122,840

Running back

1) Cedric Benson, 321,552

2) Maurice Jones-Drew, 191,293

3) Chris Johnson, 184,207

Wide receiver

1) Andre Johnson, 279,395

2) Reggie Wayne, 246,225

Tight end

1) Dallas Clark, 274, 400

3) Owen Daniels, 90,382*

*injured and out for the season


1) Jeff Saturday, 215, 658


1) Jake Long, 107,299

4) Ryan Diem, 64,976


1) Alan Faneca, 122,029

3) Mike Pollak, 62,635

4) Ryan Lilja, 53,435

Defensive end

1) Dwight Freeney, 200,568

2) Mario Williams, 117,086

3) Robert Mathis, 75,238

Strong Safety

1) Troy Polamalu, 192,289

3) Bob Sanders, 39,357

Free safety

1) Ed Reed, 146,388

3) Antoine Bethea, 39,730


1) Adam Vinatieri, 72,029


1) Daniel Sepulveda, 48,468

3) Pat McAfee, 32,143

Special Teams

1) Joshua Cribbs, 61,851

3) Melvin Bullitt, 32,144

No AFC South fullbacks, defensive tackles, inside linebackers, outside linebackers, cornerbacks or kick returners are currently in the top five.