Titans need to be an offensive team

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- It’s early, for sure. We don’t know the 53-man roster. We won’t see the Tennessee Titans in action using a real scheme until Sept. 7 in Kansas City.

Acknowledging those caveats, I look at this team right now and think: It’s got to be an offensive football team.

I’ve said that at times in the past, that they needed to be, that they should be, that they had to be.

Things with this franchise in Nashville have always reverted to defense.

Longtime head coach Jeff Fisher was a defensive guy. While his successor, Mike Munchak, is a Hall of Fame offensive lineman, the overall tone didn’t change much in the last three seasons. That was part of why a change happened.

Things are different a lot of ways now.

Ken Whisenhunt came to Nashville with an extensive offensive background and a reputation as a clever playcaller able to get the most out of players.

The Titans have dedicated major resources in the last couple years to the offensive line, to pass-catchers, to running back.

The Titans should block well, they should pass protect well, they should catch and run well.

There is less to see/expect/count on from the defense.

This needs to be, should be, has to be an offensive football team.