The word from the Titans after the game

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A couple postgame, post-locker room thoughts after the Tennessee Titans finished the preseason with a 19-3 loss to Minnesota.

  • Ken Whisenhunt asked if it rains every game at LP Field. It’s actually rarely rained during a game in Nashville, and never the way it rained for the team’s two preseason home games this summer. At least this time it eventually stopped.

  • The Titans' second-team defense mimicked the first-team defense and played a mistake-filled first series that ended with a touchdown -- a 3-yard pass from Teddy Bridgewater to Adam Thielen over Tommie Campbell. “We had opportunities for three sacks, we had a couple penalties on third down,” Whisenhunt said. “Make any one of those plays, you get off the field. That can probably be said for all the opening drives in these games. This was a different group, but maybe we’ve got all that behind us now and that won’t be the case going forward. Just like you know we’re gong to get a bunch of turnovers, because what did we get, a big goose egg in the preseason? We’re due to get a bunch.”

  • Whisenhunt said giving Maikon Bonani the second field goal and second kickoff chances was because the heavy rain was a factor on the first go-round. Travis Coons wound up with no work as there was no third chance at a field goal or a kickoff.

  • Receiver Marc Mariani said he was thrilled to walk off the field after his last two preseasons ended with him hurt. He caught one pass for 13 yards. He returned two kickoffs for an average of 24.5 with a long of 28. The fan favorite said he didn’t want to speculate on his fate. If he doesn’t make it, “It’ll suck to say goodbye, but it’s part of the gig,” he said. “It’s been an amazing opportunity and I’ve loved my time here.” (See him talking at LP Field for possibly the last time here.)

  • Whisenhunt said he thought Justin Hunter made his second catch of the game on a bounce, and the Titans raced to the next snap quickly to avoid a challenge. Hunter said he caught it.

  • The Titans will have meetings tonight and in the morning and will be able to make some cuts pretty quickly, Whisenhunt said. Other moves will take a bit longer as an evaluation of this game will factor in.