Denver game changed Greg Toler's season

INDIANAPOLIS -- Think back to the 2013 Week 7 matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos and a few things probably come to mind.

Peyton Manning going against his former team for the first time. Andrew Luck facing the player he replaced at quarterback. Jim Irsay and Manning. Robert Mathis' strip sack of Manning. Reggie Wayne's season coming to an end because of a torn ACL in the fourth quarter.

But there was something else that happened in that game. It didn't seem as big of a deal as the things listed above, but it ended up impacting the Colts' defense the rest of the season.

Cornerback Greg Toler injured his hamstring on the first series of third quarter.

"I remember that play like yesterday,” Toler said. "It's not easy to forget.”

Toler was defending Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas when he his leg went underneath his body after he and Thomas got tangled up on a play.

Toler continued to play only to end up realizing he had to head to the sideline when he tried to defend receiver Eric Decker.

"I tried to defend him but I couldn't get up in him like I really wanted to," Toler said.

Toler missed seven weeks and returned briefly only to end up having to be shut down for the season after re-injuring his hamstring against Kansas City in the playoffs.

The secondary wasn't the same after Toler went down. It was like Toler took the group's aggressiveness with him. He has been the healthiest of the group so far this season, as he attempts to play in all 16 games for the first time in his six-year career.

"It was one of those that just happened and ended up costing me half a season last year,” Toler said. "I'm healthy and I'm ready to roll.”