Texans' biggest game yet? Feels like it

HOUSTON -- Is this the biggest game in Houston Texans history?

A case can certainly be made that it is. Just like their last game, a narrow loss at Indy was. Just like, win or lose tonight, the rematch Sunday against the Colts will be.

That’s life as an expansion franchise in the playoff conversation this deep into the season for the first time.

And while Gary Kubiak, coach of a 5-4 team, downplays it a bit, he likes it too.

“I think it’s positive that we’re here in the back half of the season and talking about playing in some big games,” he said. “That obviously hasn’t been the case around here in the early stages of this franchise. We’ve got a long, long way to go and we’ve got seven football games left. So much changes in this league week-to-week. We know each one is a very pivotal game for our football team. That’s what you what to be in. Heck, that’s why you’re part of this business.”