Final thoughts on, links from the weekend

Matt Schaub doesn’t think the Texans blew it, but he’s being kind. He had a sleepless night. He and all of Houston. His interview with KILT in Houston.

Gary Brackett’s interception of Joe Flacco came on a familiar play, one he saw the week before from the Patriots. His interview with 1070 The Fan.

David Garrard visited with Colin Cowherd. He talked about what makes a good NFL quarterback and said he likes overtime as it is.

I think Vince Young’s high five with referee Jerome Boger was completely innocent. Young’s a very touchy feely guy, he likes to pat people on the butt and put his arm around shoulders. I mentioned in my column Monday night he did the first with another official and the second with Jeff Fisher during the course of the game. During stoppages of play, players often have good-natured conversations with officials. Are they buttering them up? Sometimes, sure. Other times they may be having a laugh over something not at all game-related. They could have been high-fiving the weather.