Manning's MVP case and last four games


Peyton Manning’s candidacy for his fourth MVP award remains very strong.

But Mike Chappell reported this week that the Colts are the first team in league history to win four consecutive games in the same season by a total margin of 10 points or fewer, and during that stretch, Manning’s not been nearly as productive as he was in the Colts’ first six games.

I’m not a huge fan of season-long MVP rankings. Establishing a leader in Week 7, 8 and 9 can have an influence on people’s thinking after Week 17, when we need a long view that takes in everything.

But if you’re looking at the possibilities now, as Mike Sando does here, it’s reasonable to say Manning’s case is slipping a bit while Brett Favre’s is on the rise.

Courtesy of Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Information, here’s a statistical breakdown of Manning in his first six games and the four since.

Manning this season