My Primary Complaint: Second-and-10 runs

November, 27, 2009
After an incomplete pass on first-and-10, the objective is still to get in third-and-manageable, right? The best avenue for that is usually a pass, but a lot of people are reluctant to call another throw, which drives me nuts.

Don't miss the handy chart, courtesy of Elias, at the end of the post.

Kurt Warner, whose Cardinals play in Nashville Sunday, said he sees both sides of the thinking.

"I have been around guys that I know without a doubt if we didn’t complete one on first down, we would throw on second down," he said. "Then I have been around other coordinators where I know they feel confident enough where they will run it on second down and whatever happens they feel like they can make it on third."

Some coordinators who are prone to pass in such situations panic a bit in Warner's eyes, automatically deciding they will throw two more times if need be to get a new set of downs rather than believing they can show balance.

Warner couldn't guess the percentages for the league or the Cardinals -- but his team throws it a league-high 81 percent of the time after a first-down incompletion.

Paul Kuharsky | email

ESPN Tennessee Titans reporter



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