Rapid Reaction: Packers 34, Colts 14

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

GREEN BAY, Wisc. -- The Baltimore game was supposed to signal a reversal.

The Colts were finished struggling. They'd found themselves against the Ravens, forced the action, controlled the game.

If rookie Matt Ryan could bring his Falcons to Lambeau Field and win, surely Peyton Manning could do the same for the Colts, who'd pick up where they left off in the impressive win over the Ravens, right?

Um, no.

The sloppy Colts failed miserably in Green Bay, falling to 3-3 as they couldn't put together sustained drives, couldn't deal with the Packers excellent pass coverage and couldn't stop running back Ryan Grant.

They didn't look like they belonged on the same field as their hosts. The biggest indicators of the Colts' inability to get in sync? Twelve penalties for 110 yards and two interceptions of Peyton Manning returned for touchdowns.

The Colts, who've won the AFC South for the last five years, now trail the Titans by three games.

They play Tennessee in Nashville a week from Monday, and another loss could effectively end whatever hopes remain for a sixth straight crown. When they review this game, it's safe to presume a division title will be the furthest thing from their mind.