Call on VY not a Fisher contract issue

On “Countdown” Monday night, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said Bud Adams’ pressure on Jeff Fisher to insert Vince Young into the lineup back on Nov. 1 could amount to a breach of Fisher’s contract.

The implication was that owner’s pressure violated a contractual clause that gives Fisher control over his lineup. Such a circumstance might give Fisher leverage with two years left on his deal and he could fight to get out of it if he wanted to.

But indications in Nashville are that Fisher will do quick work to quash that idea and say there is nothing to it when the team gathers Wednesday to begin preparations for a trip to Indianapolis Sunday.

It sure seems safe to say that whatever ruffled feathers there were as a result of Adams pushing for Young’s entry into the lineup sooner than Fisher wanted have been smoothed over by Young’s performance since and the team’s remarkable turnaround.

Adams said when things were bad he didn’t intend to let go of a coach who was under contract.

And while there have been rumblings in the past when his contracts were coming up about a desire on Fisher’s part to get out, he’s never indicated any desire to leave the team or gotten particularly close to coaching free agency, in which he’d be a popular commodity.

That’s not about to change over a contract breach that didn’t happen.

And the person in this scenario who has more of a beef right now is Adams, who can legitimately ask why Young wasn’t playing sooner when the Titans started 0-6 than Fisher, who guided the team to that record while reluctant to change quarterbacks.