Texans get 1.5 special-teams flags a game

Gary Kubiak has repeatedly touched on special-teams penalties when he’s reviewed games. Here’s a piece of his Monday news conference this week:

“Once again we had two special-teams penalties which has kind of been an issue for us. We had a big false start on fourth-and-3 down in the red zone. It goes with the other mistakes. Obviously the reason we’re losing some close football games is because we’re the team that’s making some of the big mistakes at crucial times in the game, whether it’s a turnover, whether it’s a big penalty. And it’s hard enough to win in this league when you’re doing things right, and when you’re adding these type of issues to the game then it makes it even more difficult. Obviously for us to get back going in the right direction, these things have got to get cleaned up.”

In the loss in Jacksonville, Fred Bennett chopped 7 yards off a punt return and Nick Ferguson took away 10 yards on a kick return.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, the Texans are tied with three teams for the third-most special-teams penalties in the league with 18 -- that’s an unacceptable 1.5 a game.


Green Bay -- 26

Philadelphia -- 22

Baltimore -- 18

Buffalo -- 18

Houston -- 18

San Francisco -- 18