Tampering resolution took far too long

I’ve got no beef with the league’s findings in the alleged Albert Haynesworth tampering case.


It’s nearly impossible to prove what people were talking about before a deadline, though it’d make sense to allow preliminary free agency discussions at the scouting combine since they go on there all the time anyway.

My complaint is over the timetable.

The conversations that may have taken place would have happened in February. It’s been 10 months. The league's “extensive review” took 10 months?

I understand it’s not a front-burner issue, and this resolution wasn’t anything that affected the day-to-day lives or planning of anyone. I understand that more pressing issues arise and need to be addressed first.

But taking 10 months for something that doesn’t involve the American legal system is simply unacceptable. And the league is very ho-hum and nonchalant about such things. “We’ll get to it when we get to it,” is the attitude I feel. It gives the NFL a bureaucratic feel that suggests it is based in D.C. instead of New York.

I wonder how the league would feel about similar lag time on, say, season-ticket holders around the league writing their checks each season?