Texans should hand it to Foster


The Texans haven’t done well to run the ball to get the lead. In a big win over Seattle, they showed they can’t run it well while trying to hold a lead either.

Up 24-7 after a first half with 364 yards (just 28 of which came on the ground), the Texans managed just 86 yards (57 on the ground) after intermission.

“We got a lead there, and once we got in the fourth quarter we’re trying to work the clock a little bit, and if we can get a couple of first downs running the football, keeping the clock going, we can keep our defense off the field and eat some clock up,” quarterback Matt Schaub told the Houston press. “That was the situation where we have to rise to the challenge and get those first downs and we weren’t able to do that for a few of those series.”

Gary Kubiak hasn’t yet said what he plans to do at running back. But last week before the game, he said he intended to get undrafted rookie Arian Foster five touches while looking for him to use those to earn five more. Foster wound up with a team-high 13 carries but only 34 yards.

Putting together two good halves has been an issue for the Texans on multiple occasions.

“I think one of the problems we had offensively is being able to control the game running the football,” Kubiak said. “So you’re sitting there with a big lead and for us to line up and pound the football team right now, I wish I could tell you that we’re confident in doing that but we’re struggling so it makes it hard for us to control the football game from that standpoint.

“We’re not going to quit attempting to do that, and at least last week with the position we were in, we were able to get Arian a bunch of carries and continue to try to get better at running the football. But we’re going to try to stay balanced even though it’s been very difficult because we’ve been throwing the ball so well. But it’s important to our team that we try to stay somewhat balanced.”

Sunday against the Rams, I won’t be surprised to see a game that looks similar to Seahawks-Texans.

I’d like to see Kubiak rely on Foster more when the Texans try to run. They know what they have in their other healthy backs -- Ryan Moats and Chris Brown -- and should see if they think Foster can be a legitimate third back or more next season.