Johnson's goals create interesting wrinkles

SEATTLE -- I’ve been saying that Chris Johnson closing in on these records and the Titans doing their best to win go hand in hand.

But early in this Titans-Seahawks game I’ve realized maybe that’s no longer the case.

I liked the aggressive play calling that included bypassing a field goal to keep a game-opening touchdown drive alive. Johnson scored to put the Titans up 7-0.

But when the officials called unnecessary roughness against the Seahawks as the Titans took possession, we joked in the press box about declining it to maintain the longer field. And when refereed Hochuli clarified that the penalty was actually against the Titans Eric Bakhtiari, we joked about it being better.

There are a lot of interesting wrinkles like that we’ll be considering.

Johnson’s got 40 yards rushing and 10 receiving through the first quarter.