Reading the Coverage: Quick Colts edition

A quick-hitting, Colts-only, local and national columnist edition of “Reading the Coverage” to allow for some travel time:

The Colts stopped playing it safe, says Bob Kravitz.

The Colts chopped the Ravens to pieces, says Gregg Doyel.

Indianapolis rode Peyton Manning’s arm and the Ravens’ miscues, says Damon Hack.

This time, rest worked for them, says Judy Battista.

Manning and the Colts justified the rest says Mark Maske.

The Colts proved their point, says Len Pasquarelli.

(My side note on the rest topic: I said it then and I'll say it now -- a win doesn't mean they did the right thing and a loss wouldn't have meant they did the wrong thing.)

They are just that good, says Chris Harry.

The Colts have Jim Caldwell's back.

The heavy-hearted Pierre Garcon stayed focused, says Harry.

Manning's legacy needs another title, says Terence Moore.

After the Indy game, Ed Reed talked about the possibility of retiring, says Jason Cole.

It was a blue crush, says Deshawn Zombie.