For other three in division, quiet's good

Gary Kubiak filled his open offensive coordinator spot with Rick Dennison.

Jack Del Rio kept his job and saw Mike Tice leave his staff.

Chris Johnson won offensive player of the year and was a unanimous All-Pro.

For the non-playoff teams of the AFC South, those have been the big highlights since the regular season ended.

Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet.

While that doesn’t make for a lot of headlines and blog posts, consider it a good thing.

Teams making noise right now come in roughly three varieties: They’re playing for a shot in the Super Bowl, they are listening to a public debate about the potential retirement of a crucial player or they’re trying to get a new regime installed and operational.

The Texans, Jaguars and Titans wish they fit the first category, but are pleased not to be in the second or third. They are in the early stages of draft preparations. They are reviewing Plan A and Plan B for moving forward with or without a new CBA. They are allowing for some key people to recover from the season.

They aren’t in the AFC title game.

So quiet is good.