Parsing Manning's words, numbers

INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton Manning’s post game press conference Sunday night was filled with good stuff, and I wanted to revisit a couple pieces and also share some numbers.

Sneaky: Trailing 7-3 in the second quarter, the Colts got to the 1-yard line. After Austin Collie came up short on second down, they hurried to set up Manning for a sneak attempt that took forever for a quick play and was stuffed.

Manning felt like officials stood over the ball too long, allowing the Jets to substitute when the rule is the defense substitutes at its own peril if the offense doesn’t make any changes.

“We didn’t substitute and for some reason the referee stood over the ball,” Manning said. “Why he stood over the ball and allowed them to get set, I’d like to get the explanation on that. That allowed them to get set. That was a shame.”

Jim Caldwell said the explanation he received was that officials were not waiting on the Jets. Officials who raced in to spot Collie from the play before needed time to back out and clear, and that’s why there was a delay, Caldwell was told.

Grind: Manning is conscious of overusing words. He said several times how he grinded in preparation for the Jets and how the game was a 60-minute grind.

“That’s kind of my word for the day,” he said. “I’m trying not to say ‘obviously.’ That’s been a habit of mine. So I’m saying grind.”

Pumping Wayne: Manning was sure to mention the importance of Reggie Wayne in every question he fielded that touched on the big games by Pierre Garcon and Collie.

He also didn’t like the idea of people suggesting the Colts feared or stayed away from Darrelle Revis. Clearly there were better matchups elsewhere to take advantage of. But Manning indicated he connected on a handful of solid plays against Revis too.

Yes, Manning had a passer rating of 139.9 on plays to Garcon and Collie. But he was at 104.2 to everybody else, and that’s outstanding too.

Chilly Archie: Asked about the possibility of cryogenically freezing Archie Manning for the purpose of producing more quarterbacks, Peyton Manning said: “I think he’s done.”

Onward to ESPN Stats & Information fine observations about Manning in the win:

Big rushes and big drops: When New York brought six or more rushers and Manning took a full seven-step drop, he was eight for 10 with a 16-yard average, a TD and a 152.1 passer rating.

First 28: The Colts started the game with balanced attack on offense. Twelve of their first 28 plays were rushes (42.9 percent). After Joseph Addai fumbled on the 28th play from scrimmage, the Colts changed their play-calling drastically and ran on just five of the next 28 plays (17.9 percent). Manning played much better when he got in a rhythm and didn't have to worry about the run game.

On the first 28 plays he was eight for 14 with a 90.8 passer rating, two sacks and the Colts produced six points.

On the next 28 plays, he was 17 for 23 with three touchdowns, a 142.4 passer rating and the Colts produced 21 points.

Run defense: Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene of the Jets averaged 4.9 yards against base defenses in playoff wins over Cincinnati and San Diego. Against the Colts base defense, that number was just 3.1