On the Cullen add, Pola departure in Jax

Quarterback is probably priority one, but the Jaguars' pass-rush issues are a very close second. Jacksonville recorded a league-low 14 sacks.

Jack Del Rio’s first move to fix it is to change defensive line coaches. Ted Monachino is out, Joe Cullen is in.

Here’s the combo report from Mike DiRocco and Vito Stellino.

Monachino is the 19th assistant to be fired by JDR in seven seasons. Newsflash: That’s too many. Stability isn’t an element players can count on.

We hit on Cullen’s background last week when we learned the Jaguars were looking at him.

Del Rio’s not done hiring. He needs a running backs coach and a tight ends coach. Two of his closest confidants have moved on, Kennedy Pola to the Titans, Mike Tice to coach the offensive line of the Bears.

Pola spoke at the Senior Bowl about passing on the extension the Jaguars offered during the season. From the Times-Union:

"When [Del Rio] offered an extension to the staff, it was one of the hardest things to decline. But once I sign that, the Jaguars control my options. I wanted to keep my options open. Jack has been great. We're still friends. His father has been like my father.

"I regarded my role [with Jaguars] as an assistant coach for Jack and the team. I had fun with that. It's been a great ride for five years. This is an opportunity to work [for the Tennessee Titans] with Jeff Fisher, who's a different type of head coach than Jack, with a different organization."

Pola said that moving to the Titans would diversify his résumé in his quest for a head-coaching job. He was disappointed that when the USC head-coaching job opened, he didn't get any consideration, despite his ties to the school.