Mailbag: Slim pickings

Markees Serrano from Davenport writes: Are you going to put out an All AFC-South Team?

Paul Kuharsky: Maybe, but definitely not before the Colts are finished. Feel free to submit non-obvious nominations.

Kevin Deckard from Bloomington, IN writes: Paul, I have to say I love having someone cover my division who is actually intelligent. The one complaint I have noticed though is that you don't seem to show that you're a fan of a team. You're a definite fan of the game but you never seem to let your real team's color show through here. I love that and hate it at the same time. We see unbiased reporting at its finest. We don't get to see what someone who gets to talk to the coaches and players REALLY think deep down about their team's decisions. Do you have a blog somewhere else where you voice your frustrations about your team?

Paul Kuharsky: Your complaint is a compliment. You shouldn’t be able to see how I feel about my team. That’s because I don’t have one.

I’m a fan of the league. I’m a fan of good games. I’m a fan of good guys. But I’ve got no team rooting interest -- that’s a prerequisite in this business and it’s not really a difficult thing.

You do know what I really think about the decisions of the four teams I blog about, because when I have a feeling on such things, it’s very quickly posted on my page.

I am a big fan of two teams -- the Yankees (I grew up in New Jersey) and the US Men’s National Soccer Team. And I've added Vanderbilt basketball in recent years. No one’s paying me to voice anything on those three.

Charlie Haupt in Garland, TX writes: So at least you have all three starting QBs in the South playing in the Pro Bowl now. It's ironic that Peyton Manning has to pull out because of the Super Bowl and the three guys playing are all representing his division.

Paul Kuharsky: Both ironic, and, because the game is such a joke, irrelevant.

Jake Thompson from parts unknown writes: Just so I understand this right, are you saying the [Kennedy] Pola hire was a case of [Jeff] Fisher wanting a particular coach for a few years now, finally being able to get him, and getting him? So this is not a knock on [Earnest] Byner? Just Fisher wanting who he wanted?

Paul Kuharsky: It's a knock on Byner too, of course, given how loyal Fisher is. And now we hear that Byner was maybe a little too strong-willed and outspoken.

But had Pola not come free, Fisher's not making the move without a replacement lined up and maybe there wasn't a plan B he liked enough to do it. He loved Pola as Plan A.