Sundquist hopes to resurface


Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Talked to Ted Sundquist for a column on rookie salaries and as we were winding down, I asked the former Denver Broncos GM about his plans.

Last season marked his 16th year with the Broncos and sixth as their GM, and after he was let go he came to think that, at 46, he's halfway through his career. While he hardly ranked among the league's most powerful GMs while working with Mike Shanahan, he's got a wide range of front office experience, is rated as bright and energetic and did good work with the bottom of the Broncos' roster. He was the team's director of college scouting for six years before he became GM and was a pro and college scout before that.

He hopes to get back into the NFL, but seems content with some time taking personal inventory, pondering how he'd approach an interview and spending time with his wife, Amy.

"I totally understand the Ted Thompsons, Scott Piolis and the James Harrises of the world," Sundquist said, sketching out an uncomfortable scenario. "To get back into the league, someone I consider a colleague is going to have to lose his job."

Until an opportunity comes up, Sundquist said he's looking into some opportunities in the media and with a shoe and apparel company.

My colleague Bill Williamson dealt with Sundquist while covering the Broncos for the Denver Post and told me he thinks Sundquist is a quality guy who deserves a chance to resurface and will get one.