On Nwaneri's right to speak his mind

I’m way late here but need to address Uche Nwaneri’s post over at the fan board at Jaguars.com.

He gave a very candid, cutting critique of Tim Tebow.

Even after a poor Senior Bowl week, a lot of people want to put Tebow on the Jaguars roster. The thinking is a local guy will sell tickets. My question is for how long? If they buy tickets and he’s bad, it doesn’t solve any long-term problems. The Jaguars need more than a Band-Aid.

While I think the Jaguars need a quarterback, I do not believe Gene Smith is going to make a pick with marketing in mind. Smith is a good scout and he’s not going to force a pick. While owner Wayne Weaver has talked about how it would be intriguing, don’t make the leap from there to a place where you’re certain this is going to happen.

As for Nwaneri: More power to him. If you visit this blog, you know I am a fan of outspoken and am not going to jump on a guy for sharing an honest opinion.

On Twitter, where he is @chukwu77, he later said “… I'm not gonna stop posting just because I spoke my mind, that's life, sometimes its hard” and “its america, deal with it. That's how I feel. I have had ppl tell me I'm not good enough before. I hope I motivate tebow.”

More power to you, Uche. Keep the opinions coming.