Mailbag: I missed that one

MIAMI -- A quick look at the Monday mail revealed these two items I thought I should address.

Anthony Neal in Nashville, Tenn., writes: Hey Paul, loyal listener/reader from Nashville here! Quick questions: (1) Is it common for players of opposing teams in a Super Bowl to shake hands at midfield after the game? And (2) did Peyton Manning just walk off the field after the game?! If so, and it's observed etiquette to congratulate the winning team after the Super Bowl, Peyton takes a big hit in my book for not being the good sport. Thanks for all the work you do! I love catching up with your blog every day.-Anthony

Paul Kuharsky: Thanks, Anthony.

The Super Bowl is a much less linger-on-the-field environment with the confetti flying and all that goes on.

Manning said in his interview session after the game that he intended to find Brees and congratulate him, but that he thought it best to let the Saints dive into their celebration and kind of get out of the way and off the stage.

He’s never going to do something inappropriate in football etiquette, I don’t think.

S. Crowe in Picayune, Miss., writes: Still think Colts win 33-20? Now it's time for you to give credit to the Super Bowl Champions. The media never gave us a chance. This had nothing to do with Katrina, our last 40 yrs., etc. This win was due to the Saints out-playing the Colts.

Paul Kuharsky: Nope. Now I have a feeling about 31-17 Saints.

Wait, a sportswriter actually picked a game in the unpredictable NFL incorrectly? Whoa.

All credit goes to the Saints. They gave a superb performance and are a deserving champion.

I'm sad for you that in light of that and all you have to enjoy and relish, you got caught up in the "nobody thought we could do it/no respect" nonsense.

My advice: This could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Dance, sing, drink, hug people, call in sick, enjoy it, rewatch it, savor it.

Don’t spend it tracking down all the people who thought, not unreasonably, it would go a different direction.