Coin flip 'help' for Jags, Titans, Texans

Will the Jaguars draft 10th or 11th?

Will the Titans draft 16th or 17th?

Will the Texans draft 19th or 20th?

We’ll find out soon, because the coin flips that break their draft-order ties will occur in Indianapolis at the scouting combine, which gets into full swing later this week.

(NFL Network would be wise to get those and other such tiebreakers televised. You know you’d watch. It’s not “No Country for Old Men,” where a coin flip was determining life or death, but it’s still compelling.)

The Jaguars’ flip is with Chicago, but the Bears’ pick belongs to Denver.

The Titans’ flip is with Carolina, but the Panthers’ pick belongs to San Francisco.

The Texans' flip is with Atlanta.

So, as a service to the Jaguars, Titans and Texans -- an insider tells me the Jaguars' call will be made by video director Mike Perkins -- I thought I’d compile a reading list and some video links for both teams on how to call a coin flip.

  • Anyway to see what side is up when the coin is about to be tossed? You may improve your chances if so.

  • Factors: Height, spin, quickness and how it’s caught.

  • Who’s doing the tossing? Some people believe there is a propensity for some to toss more one way than the other.

  • Beware the bias coin.

  • Some history of coin tossing in game situations. Not applicable here, but the more you know…

  • This piece offers hints on how to cheat, but it seems like you’ve got to have your hand on the coin and neither team will.

  • Again, having some control increases your chances.

  • Here is a dude who’s able to accurately predict, but he’s not calling it until he’s got it on his hand. And everyone knows a fair coin flip is called while the coin is in the air.

And if the flip doesn’t go well and the Jags, Titans or Texans turn out to miss out on the player they really wanted by that one spot, they can seek out this guy, play quarters with him, and I guarantee they’ll forget about it in a hurry.