Jaguars won't raise '09 ticket prices (or lower them)

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
I suspect we're going to hear this from more teams than not, as they try to stir some goodwill, see if they can't maintain some loyalty with season ticket holders and offer ways to spread payments out.

The Jaguars announced this morning that "there will be no increase in season ticket prices for the general bowl and all multi-year premium seats for the 2009 season."

"Our team is fully aware of the economic challenges that our fans are facing, and maintaining our current pricing structure is the appropriate thing to do," said Jaguars Senior Vice President/ Business Development Tim Connolly. "The Jaguars are generally recognized for having one of the NFL's lowest average ticket prices, and we understand how important that is to many of our fans."

Renewal notices will be sent to season ticket holders in late January and will come with an option for a five-month payment plan.

The Jaguars are 4-9 in a season that started with Super Bowl expectations.

No word on the answer to the logical question: Did they consider lowering prices?