Mailbag: A key RFA detail

Elliott from Chattanooga, TN writes: The Jets put Leon Washington on a second-round tender. Does that mean since the Titans don’t have a second round pick this year they can’t make bid for him? If they could do you think they would be interested in him sense he was a Pro Bowl kick returner and that was a position they were looking to address this year, plus he would be someone to alternate with Chris Johnson.

Paul Kuharsky: Good question for the AFC South since neither the Titans nor the Jaguars have a second round pick.

If either of them wanted to sign a guy tendered at a second-round level to an offer sheet, they’d have to a) acquire a second rounder equal to what they would have had in the draft or one higher; or b) give up their first rounder instead. Basically, if you don’t have a pick in the right round and can’t get one commensurate to what you would have had, it gets rounded up a round. Nobody’s going to be doing the rounded up thing.

While Washington is intriguing as a return guy, the Titans have sufficient alternatives to Johnson as running back. A second rounder they’d have to trade for plus the kind of contract Washington would want are too high a price for the Titans, I’d say.