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Thursday, September 9, 2010
'Perceived very best' vs. Jags

By Paul Kuharsky

Out of Jack Del Rio’s press session with Jacksonville media Wednesday, I was struck by this:
“We need to be sound and solid where we’re not as talented, and where we are talented we need our players to play well. And together what we’re looking to do is play complementary football, all three phases functioning together, helping our football team win games.

“So again the difference between the perceived very best and the rest of the league is not as great as a lot of people think. It comes down to execution and it begins with preparation, so I like the way we’re attacking that and then we’ll see. We’ll need some guys to step up and play well.”

I agree with him completely on the first part.

I’m not nearly as certain about the second.

I like David Garrard, I think he’s a wonderful guy who tries his best. He’s a long, long, long way away from Peyton Manning as a talent.

So let’s have some fun and formalize this, looking at those in the division who rank as “perceived very best” and using the Kuharsky separation index to gauge the distance between them and their Jacksonville counterparts:

I’m being cute, of course. I like the way the Jaguars are building and they have more talent than they get credit for.

I just disagree with the rallying cry that gap between the perceived very best and the rest of the league is not as great as a lot of people think.

After all, in the same media session he admitted: “All systems look a little better with great players in them.”

ADDITIONALLY, at 9:04 a.m.: SicilianJag makes a very smart comment below, suggesting I could have misinterpreted Del Rio and that he could have been talking teams, not players. That's certainly a valid point and possibility, and there is more credence to that line of thinking. Still, good teams need good players, and when considering the guys above, the Jaguars don't measure up. Yet.