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Thursday, September 27, 2012
CJ: Person or fantasy commodity?

By Paul Kuharsky

This a such a good piece, it makes me furious that a) I didn’t write it, and b) I couldn't write it.

Chuck Klosterman does a wonderful job of capturing the good and bad of fantasy football. He expresses something Arian Foster hit on last season when he says: “I am increasingly uncomfortable with the way fantasy football changes our perception of people who are actually alive.”

And Chris Johnson is Klosterman’s illustration of choice.
“The most universal analysis of Johnson's career is the one being expressed by fantasy owners, which essentially boils down to this: ‘(Blank) Chris Johnson.’ This is because fantasy owners do not look at Chris Johnson's career as a reflection of Chris Johnson's life. They see Chris Johnson's career as a reflection of themselves. They personalize his experience and hold it against him. That's always what happens when something exists to you only as a commodity: You will care more about yourself than about the thing that you own.

“In 2009, Chris Johnson had one of the greatest fantasy seasons of all time. As a result, people are going to remember him as a failure they hate.”

Well worth your time to click here and read the piece in full. You don’t want to miss how Klosterman connects him to, of all people, Bob Dylan.