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Monday, December 7, 2009
Give Manning 20 seconds, he gets a FG

By Paul Kuharsky

When the Titans scored a touchdown on a Vince Young-to-Kenny Britt pass to make it 21-10 with 20 second on the first-half clock, I tweeted this from Lucas Oil Stadium Sunday:

Kenny Britt's getting good. Titans cut it to 21-10. Twenty seconds and two timeouts left for Colts. Odds Manning gets the Colts to a FG?

Turned out the odds were pretty good, and Manning’s penchant for moving his team to a field goal at the end of the first half continued.

After Gijon Robinson’s 10-yard kickoff return to the 37 (short kickoff is a bad move there, Tennessee), Manning got the ball with only 17 seconds on the clock. He hit Austin Collie for 18 yards, got another 15 thanks to Tony Brown’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and gave the ball to Joseph Addai for a 5-yard gain to set up Matt Stover with a 43-yard chance with 3 seconds on the clock.

Stover connected.

Here are Manning’s fastest drives at the end of either half, courtesy of Elias. (Turns out they are all in the second quarter.)

Manning’s really changed the way teams think sometimes. You can’t control when you score. But when opponents are getting to the end zone or kicking field goals late, you can bet they are thinking about what they are leaving on the clock a lot more when they are playing the Colts than against anyone else.

Some other Manning notes from Sunday: