My schedule beef: spacing rematches

There are six divisional series in a four-team division.

A major, major pet peeve of mine is rematches that come too quickly. In fact, I think it needs to be a scheduling rule that the two games in a series be at least six weeks apart.

Teams can be vastly different at different times in a season. Head to head matchups are huge in determining how a division sorts itself out. Play twice in short succession, a team is more likely to benefit or suffer from the same injuries.

The league’s put an emphasis on putting division matchups at the end of the season, with the final week being all division matchups.

The next thing the NFL schedule maker needs to do is ensure teams don’t see each other in short order.

I touched on the quick rematch ridiculosity in my post on the Titans’ schedule.

And I ranted last season on video here.

Our breakdown of the space between games in these home-and-home matchups.

  • Colts-Texans: seven weeks

  • Colts-Jaguars: 11 weeks

  • Colts-Titans: three weeks

  • Jaguars-Texans: seven weeks

  • Jaguars-Titans: seven weeks

  • Texans-Titans: three weeks

That’s a .666 batting average in my eyes in terms of spacing. Is that good enough? Not for me.