AFC South: AFC South chat

We gathered for a big and rowdy AFC South chat on Thursday and had our typically big time. Thanks to all who came.

Among the topics we addressed:
  • What's becoming of the AFC South blog.
  • Denard Robinson's early impact.
  • Fantasy football draft scheduling.
  • Peyton Manning calling me Pete.
  • Whether T.Y. Hilton is the best young receiver in the division.
  • My preference between 4-3 and 3-4 defenses.
  • The Titans defense.
  • What are fans most naive about in the NFL?

For all that and much more, to read for the first time or to revisit again and again, just head right here.
For the better part of five years, we've gathered on most Thursdays at noon ET, 11 CT to discuss the AFC South. While we've always covered a lot of football, we've also had a lot of laughs about a wide range of stuff beyond the NFL.

We've had celebrity visitors vying to get a question taken. We've heard from my dog. We've talked TV shows and movies and music.

With the unveiling next week of team-by-team pages, the AFC South blog will break into four pieces. I expect to be a regular chatter, and my colleagues will likely be too. But I'l be focused predominantly on the Titans.

So before we move on to the new thing, let's have a big go at the old thing one more time.

Please join me in a hour, here.

Chat time has arrived

August, 8, 2013
After a brief chat hiatus, we return with a vengeance.

You are cordially invited to participate.

Just head here and, for the next, hour, enjoy banter about the AFC South, the NFL and anything else that strikes us as worthy of chit chat.

I look forward to it.
Fun chat today, our last before camps get going full swing.

Among the topics we covered:
  • Expectations for Andrew Luck.
  • Five choices for an expansion team built out of the AFC South.
  • Chance Warmack's contract status.
  • A-Rod.
  • Defensive expectations in Jacksonville.
  • Darrius Heyward-Bey's future.
  • The over-under on games for Ed Reed.
  • Thoughts on David Caldwell.

Read what was said on all that and more with one simple click, right here.
I needed to towel off after Thursday's chat as we his such a breakneck speed.

We covered a lot, including:
  • The potential for a Titans' receiver move and the long-term role of Damian Williams.
  • How having a teams in two markets is better than having two teams in one market.
  • The Colts defensive line depth as a strategy.
  • The division three years from now.
  • The Texans and the talent gap.
  • Jaguars playoff chances. Yes, someone asked about them.
  • Star players and weak backups.

I hope you'll click here to read the whole, delightful conversation.

We chat in an hour

July, 11, 2013
After a Fourth of July break, we return to our weekly chat today.

Please hold your applause until the end.

AT noon ET, 11 CT, we'll pull back the curtain and chat for the fastest hour of your week.

All the AFC South is abuzz.

Don't miss it.

It'll all unfold right here.
Thursday's return to the SportsNation chat room was glorious.

You guys lead me all over the place and we worked at a rapid-fire pace that left me exhausted at the end.

Among the topics we covered:
  • The complexity of the Titans' offense last year.
  • My outfit for the pools at EverBank Field.
  • Why Gene Smith players didn't work out for the Jaguars.
  • The strongest positional groups in the division.
  • Impact rookies.
  • The Colts' nickelback.
  • A guy on his honeymoon visiting with us.
  • The Texans' overall talent versus the Colts' overall talent.
  • Tennessee and Jacksonville running Houston-like offenses.

For all that and more, I urge you to close the office door and click here.
Last week, Jaguars minicamp precluded us getting together for our chat.

We looked to be in trouble this week too, as the Titans were scheduled for their final minicamp practice.

Alas, Mike Munchak sent his team home a day early.

That means we're free to talk on our regular schedule.

Please join me at noon ET, 11 a.m. CT to talk all things AFC South. We can venture on to other subjects if we find good ones.

It will all unfold here.
As is always the case, we covered a lot of ground in our weekly chat.

Among the topics we covered:
All that and more, cost-free if you simply click here.

We chat in 30 minutes

May, 30, 2013
The first chat after a week off is always eventful. I'm always reminded just how much you love me. And by love, in some instances, I am being very sarcastic.

No, the chat is always one of the fastest hours of my week.

Please come armed with your best question about the division and anything beyond that might be fun to discuss.

Simply head here in 30 minutes.
A sampling of Thursday's chat:

Kevin (Jacksonville, FL): I've read a lot of opinions from writers saying that [Alan] Ball will start opposite from [Dwayne] Gratz this year. However, every thing I've read about Ball is that he is not very good. Is it that much of a longshot for [Marcus] Trufant to be the starter?

Paul Kuharsky: I'd root for one of the seventh-rounders to shine early. Trufant is on the tail end of a nice career. More a nickel option at this point.

chris (montgomery al): Who do you forecast as the starting offensive line for Indi? and why is everyone saying that they can not end with the same record or better than last year?

Paul Kuharsky: Tougher schedule. Far different expectations. No [Bruce] Arians. Don't have the rallying cry of win for our sick coach. I'd guess line will be, L-R, [Anthony] Castonzo, [Donald] Thomas, [Khaled] Holmes, [Hugh] Thornton, [Gosder] Cherilus. Probably wishful thinking with the two rookies.

frank (milwaukee): what do you think the titans secondary ends up looking like opening day? assuming [Michael] griffin and [Bernard] pollard are starters at saftey whats George Wilson's role?

Paul Kuharsky: Wilson is the third safety. They can play a three-safety nickel package. They can (and should) get Pollard off the field in passing downs and sub Wilson in. They'll find a way to use three. Houston uses three all the time. [Devin] McCourty and [Blidi] Wreh-Wilson outside, [Alterraun] Verner inside.

ted (chicago): did Ben Tate's off year/injuries last season negate his trade value this year before his contract expires? should the texans have traded him when second round draft pick rumors were circulating?

Paul Kuharsky: They were never looking to trade him. If they had traded him, who would be filling in for [Arian] Foster if he's hurt?

To read the whole thing, please head here.
We've pushed back our weekly chat a couple hours this afternoon.

So reset your alarm, adjust your calendar reminder: We'll dive into to all things AFC South and beyond at 3 p.m. ET, 2 p.m. CT.

The move is, in part, a result of a commitment for an airport dropoff. And we all know that's a binding social contract.

See you here in a couple hours.

The chat film is in

May, 10, 2013
The chat transcript just came in.

I think you'll really love it.

Among the topics we covered:
  • Kenny Britt.
  • The A.Q. Shipley trade.
  • The Jaguars' linebackers.
  • The gap between the Titans and Jaguars.
  • The division's overrated and underrated players.
  • The Texans' linebackers and sub packages.
  • The Colts at nose tackle.
  • Ranking the front offices.

All that and more can be yours just by clicking here.

Time to chat, please jump in

May, 9, 2013
It's time for our weekly chat.

Starting at noon ET and for the next hour we will delve into anything you like pertaining to the AFC South or anything else you might bring up that catches my eye.

It's always a fast hour and I strive to distract you from work.

So please head here and join in.

We'll chat in an hour

May, 2, 2013
Ah, the first post-draft chat.

It should be a biggie.

You should definitely come by. The RSVP list includes several celebrities who will be taking up many of the front-row seats. But there is plenty of room for you and you might get to meet some big shots.

So it's win-win.

Come join us for a fast-paced, fun hour.

We'll start at noon ET, 11 a.m. CT.

Just head here.