Silly stuff: Getting past the rough questions

I love interacting with you.

In comments here, via Twitter, on Facebook, through my mailbag and through radio appearances discussing what’s going on in the division with you is a big part of what I do.

And I know you are passionate, that you want to talk about every wrinkle of every development.

I know you know that sometimes it gets silly, because some of you police the conversations yourself. Sometimes, I admit, I get frustrated with some of the crazy ideas that are raised and gain volume.

Usually I find a cathartic way to get past that stuff and reset.

This week’s attempt comes with this post.

I’ll protect the people who raised these issues, but here’s the silliest thing I’ve been asked or told about each team in the AFC South coming out of Week 3.

Houston -- "When the Texans make it to the playoffs your going to be the first one claiming you knew all along ... sad reporting”

My Reaction: I wrote that the Texans made the Saints seem unstoppable in crunch time Sunday. It’s largely indisputable. Guess what? If the Texans win every game the rest of the way and get the Lombardi Trophy, they still will have made the Saints appear unstoppable on Sept. 26. Also, I picked the Texans to make the playoffs before the season.

Indianapolis -- “Do you think [Jim] Irsay and 18 have talked about the possibility of drafting Luck and 18 becoming a mentor to the colts future?”

My reaction: Um, no. With all that’s going on, I don’t think for a second that Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning have had extensive conversations about Andrew Luck. Why would they at this point? It would be a little premature for two guys who have much bigger issues right now, no?

Jacksonville -- “How can you say the Jaguars defense needs to fare better against a rookie QB? Did you see any of the game? The Jags offensive play calling was built to punt and the defense couldn't hang on to that 10-8 lead for an entire half.”

My reaction: In saying the defense needs to play better, I wasn’t endorsing what the offense did. The defense dropped multiple chances at interceptions, didn’t have one takeaway and didn’t record a sack. I think a defense that added all those veterans needs to find at least one big play against a rookie quarterback.

Tennessee -- “In the press conference Munch said, if he were still OL coach he would be frustrated. Do you think Matthews is on the hotseat?”

My reaction: No, after three games a Hall of Fame offensive lineman who’s head coach (Mike Munchak) is not putting his best friend and fellow Hall of Fame offensive lineman (Bruce Matthews) on the hot seat. It’s three games and they are 2-1! Munchak is a longtime part of a franchise that looks at the big picture and doesn’t overreact to stuff. They've got things to fix, sure. But there is no hot seat for an assistant coach.