AFC South: Art Shell

The NFL could see on film what Antonio Smith did. He kicked Miami guard Richie Incognito.

What Incognito did was less clear, and without taking Smith’s word for it, the league didn’t find evidence that produced a fine for Incognito. Smith, meanwhile, got hit with a $21,000 penalty.

It’s an example of how retaliating can get you in trouble while being the primary offender doesn’t.

I wrote early this week about how it’s more complicated than it appears.

But I admit I’m surprised Incognito got nothing.

Smith said he’d appeal his fine, and that review is heard by either Art Shell or Ted Cottrell, who were jointly appointed by and are jointly compensated by the NFL and NFLPA.
Kirk Morrison met the Jacksonville media Friday, and the Jaguars’ new middle linebacker talked about how excited he is to play for a head coach with a background as a linebacker.

In his five seasons with the Raiders he played for Tom Cable, Lane Kiffin, Art Shell and Norv Turner, all coaches with offensive backgrounds. Now he's looking forward to following Jack Del Rio's lead.
“Even when I came out back in 2005 I did visit with the Jacksonville Jaguars. They were one of my teams that I took [pre-draft] trips to [in 2005] and I met with coach back then and I always thought about how neat it would be to play for Jacksonville when you have a head coach who is a linebacker coach, who played linebacker in this league, knows what I would say a linebacker envisions, what he sees. I’m excited because now I feel like I have a new pair of eyes, and when I say that is the way I look at the game a certain way but the way he may look at the game a little different.”

“But him playing a lot longer than I have in the league so far, I’m going to be able to see what he sees out there on the football field and look for him to give me as many tips and things that I never got a chance to see so far in this league that it’ll help me out and help me be the best every week.”