AFC South: Bill Prescott

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Houston Texans

Jack Pardee wrote a unique legacy and under him the Oilers became the most exciting team in the NFL, playing in the House of Pain, says John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Indianapolis Colts

Are the Colts a Super Bowl contender, wonders Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Gus Bradley begins spreading his message to his players today as the Jaguars open their offseason program, says Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

After 17 years, Bill Prescott is leaving the Jaguars as their COO, says Vito Stellino of the Times-Union.

Tennessee Titans

John Glennon of the Tennessean wonders why, with all the moves the Titans have made, they didn’t put more emphasis on the pass rush.
Once he gained a certain level of coaching security, tied mostly to a big contract, Jack Del Rio rarely missed a chance to illustrate how the Jaguars needed an indoor practice facility.

He didn’t get what he wanted. But his successor Mike Mularkey will, per Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.

Thunderstorms are frequent in Jacksonville, and they often throw the practice schedule into disarray. Recently weather forced the move of some practices to the club section of EverBank Field and another to Veteran’s Memorial Arena.

Those are hardly ideal conditions and put the team at a disadvantage compared to others around the league who aren't spending any time on a narrower than normal practice "field."

It’s a good move by new owner Shad Khan to agree to spend what’s needed to get the Jaguars in line with the competition.

As for what kind of structure and where it will be located, Jaguars CFO and senior vice president of stadium operations Bill Prescott told Ganguli:
"We’re obviously exploring a practice bubble vs. a metal structure, evaluating where it could possibly go in the context of where we are now in terms of the existing practice fields, the south end zone or any other location we could come up with. It’s really in the evaluation stages right now to understand what we can do with it."

At the same time, Prescott said the team's had conversations about the possibility dating back to 2005.

The earliest the team will be practicing inside is next year.
Jacksonville Jaguars CFO Bill Prescott gave Vic Ketchman an update on the Jaguars' ticket sales, and it boils down to this with regard to the 24,000 individual season-ticket holders from 2009:
“We’re shooting for at least 85 percent renewal rate [of season ticket holders]. The due date was Friday and we’ve got about 71 percent renewed. We’ve got three percent that told us they’re not renewing their tickets and 26 percent we haven’t heard from yet. Of that 26 percent, we need at least 14 percent, more than half of those people, to renew their seats.

“We’ll be reaching out to all of those people. On March 31, we’ll release the seats if we haven’t heard from them.”

People can spend -- or not spend -- their money on whatever they like. But I’d figure fans committed to the Jags last year understand what they are doing and how they are building and would be looking at 2010 with some optimism.

Family connections

January, 13, 2009
Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

In NFL coaching ranks and front offices, people in the family business can often end up working with, or for, dad.

In light of Houston Chronicle reporter John McClain's report that the Texans are looking at David Gibbs, son of assistant head coach Alex Gibbs, for defensive backs coach, I thought it would be interesting to look at family connections in the AFC South.

Here's what I came up with. I am sure you'll let me know if I missed anybody.

Houston Texans

  • Vice chairman Cal McNair is owner Bob McNair's son and vice president of security Ryan Reichert is McNair's son-in-law.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Vice president Casey Coyle Irsay is owner Jim Irsay's daughter.
  • Vice president of football operations Chris Polian is son of president Bill Polian.
  • Defensive assistant Bill Teerlinck is the son of defensive line coach John Teerlinck.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Regional scout Chris Prescott is the son of senior vice president/CFO Bill Prescott.

Tennessee Titans

  • Kenneth Adams, the administrative assistant to the senior executive president and general counsel, is the grandson of owner Bud Adams.