AFC South: Blogger Blitz

Matt Schaub got his first playoff experience in a win over Cincinnati in Houston. His second chance will comes in a completely different atmosphere.

I'm torn when considering the importance of momentum for the two AFC South teams who will play this weekend.

Per Jason Starrett of ESPN Stats and Info:
  • Since the NFL adopted its current playoff format in 1990, 20 of the 22 Super Bowl champions (91 percent) won at least three of their final five regular-season games. The 2009 Saints (2-3) and 2006 Colts (2-3) are the lone exceptions.
  • Of those same 22 Super Bowl champions, 17 entered the postseason on a win (77 percent) and 12 did so on a win streak of at least two games (55 percent).

The Colts enter the playoffs 4-1 in their past five games with a two-game winning streak.

The Texans kick off the postseason 2-3 in their last five games with a two-game losing streak.

Blogger Blitz: Our young QBs

December, 5, 2012

We've heard it about Blaine Gabbert for nearly two seasons and we heard it about Jake Locker on Sunday. When they have receivers dropping passes and shaky protection, they don't stand much of a chance.

Andrew Luck is obviously a different breed.

But his Colts are hardly loaded at receiver beyond Reggie Wayne, and his line isn't built of Pro Bowlers.

Luck makes people better, which is something we've not seen Gabbert or Locker do yet.

Blogger Blitz: Concerns and reliefs

November, 20, 2012

One cause for concern, one reason for relief for each team in the AFC South heading into Week 12.

Blogger Blitz: Angerer deepens Colts

October, 23, 2012

The return of Colts linebacker Pat Angerer gives the team two solid interior tacklers.

A quarter of the way through the 2012 season, I can't help but look at the Jaguars and question their acquisition and development of talent.

Peyton Manning made three teams in the AFC South build teams that could play keep-away. But two of them couldn't manage 17 minutes of possession on Sunday.

Two games into the NFL preseason, resist the urge to get overly excited about these four people/things.

Two relative unknowns caught my eye at Jaguars camp on Tuesday: running back Jalen Parmele and linebacker Julian Stanford.

Considering one guy per AFC South defense who can make more noise than people might expect.

Everything is so positive during OTA and minicamp season, even this grump is buying into some of what the AFC South teams are selling.

It would be better if Andrew Luck had a full offseason with the Colts. But missing time while he finishes up at Stanford isn't going to set his new team back as much as some people like to think.