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An afternoon as a mailman

August, 9, 2009
Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

Tony Pierce in Muncie, Ind., writes: Paul, Please remind everyone that the birth of the Colts as we now know them did not occur under Tony Dungy and that his departure while sad does not automatically mean they will miss the playoffs. Bill Polian is the mastermind here and this team actually started down this path of dominance under Jim Mora. Mora took this team to the playoffs twice going 13-3 and 10-6 until the year Edgerrin James went down and then it was 6-10. Jim Mora failed to fire the D coordinator which led to his release and the hiring of Tony Dungy. Yes Dungy continued the winning and helped to build the team to what it is, but they are built to win and Jim Caldwell would have to completely incompetent to mess this up.

Paul Kuharsky: You're right, Tony. The three staples for a successful team are GM, coach and quarterback and while Polian is more than a GM, he and Peyton Manning are in place and that should ensure stability. Also, it's not like Caldwell is some outsider with a dramatically different philosophy.

Rahul in Houston, Texas, writes: I've been hearing that Rex Grossman has looked better than Schaub and Orlovsky in the opening days of training camp. While I know Schaub's job is safe, the comp between Rex and Dan has to be favoring Grossman at this point. What have you been hearing and seeing?

Paul Kuharsky: I've not been seeing anything yet; I won't be in Houston until Aug. 18.

Orlovsky got three years for $8.5 million. That's a pretty good investment. I don't have the guarantee in front of me, but they like him enough to set the market for backup quarterbacks with that contract. I believe it would take a very poor camp from him and a great preseason from Grossman for them to flip the two on the depth chart.

Robert Vega in Melbourne, Fla., writes: Paul, regarding the Titans wearing the Oilers logo, I think it's an insult to the fans. None of the current Titans fans bled Columbia Blue and filled the House of Pain (with the exception of those who sold out their city to follow the team to Tenn). The majority of the Luv ya Blue fans are now Texans fans and it's a slap in the face to see those jerseys in another city. While it's been a while, the wounds that Bud Adams inflicted on the city of Houston still hurt. While I have since moved away, I still keep an Oilers helmet in my living room, but I will take it down on the days the NFL allows the Titans to desecrate those beloved uniforms.

Paul Kuharsky: I understand your feelings on the matter. But like it or not, it's not about the cities, it's about the owner.

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