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No Daniels for Texans in rain, wind

November, 11, 2012
CHICAGO -- Weather’s going to be a big issue tonight at Soldier Field.

The rain outside the press box window is moving sideways and the flags on top of the stadium and a top the goal posts are screaming “It’s swirling.” Every time I look at them they are going different directions, and one end of the stadium is different than the other.

The Texans will be working without one of their top weapons, tight end Owen Daniels, who’s sidelined with a back injury. Garrett Graham is a capable replacement, but hardly as dynamic. Fullback James Casey, who’s really an H-back, has the best hands on the team and will likely be a factor in the passing game too.

Quarterback Matt Schaub, kicker Shayne Graham and punter Donnie Jones will all have issues with the wind, as will their Bear’s counterparts

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HOUSTON -- The question is the same today as it was during the week.

Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph will play, but how well? His groin injury hurt his performance in Houston’s last two games, a win at the Jets and a loss to the Packers.

He didn’t do much this week as the team looked for rest to help him get back to form. Before the injury, he ranked as one of the most effective corners in the league.

How much he’s able to contribute to preventing big plays from Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin is likely to be a giant storyline as the Texans and Ravens vie for AFC supremacy.

Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs is active for the Ravens but will not start. How much he contributes after his quick return from a torn Achilles is another big story in this very big game.

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Texans not thinking about prestige

October, 14, 2012
HOUSTON -- The Green Bay Packers have deep, long roots and an impassioned regional and national following.

The Houston Texans do not.

That had no bearing on Houston as it prepared for tonight’s game at Reliant Stadium against Green Bay. Running back Arian Foster doesn’t think the Texans are measuring themselves against the Packers any more than they do against any opponent any week, he said.

“That’s up to whatever your pen writes there,” he said. “We’re going to go out and play whoever they let us play and we’re going to go out there and settle it on the field. We’ll let you guys worry about the prestige of the organizations.”

What I’d hate to see happen here is the Texans lose, which would hardly be an unreasonable result, and for people to overact about how the Texans have not beaten anybody and couldn’t produce in a big test against a desperate team.

Win or lose, they’re good and everyone should know it after five games and no losses.

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The Texans' practice squad

September, 1, 2012
The Texans signed the following eight players to their practice squad: