Thoughts on competition committee agenda

Here’s Rich McKay’s preview of what’s coming from the competition committee late this month at the owners’ meetings in Orlando. It’s from a recent conference call.

Some things of note:

McKay: “We'll propose a rule that creates the ball being dead if a runner loses or has his helmet come off during a play, which is a college rule they've had and used. We watched some tape where there are instances where players are running in the field of play without their helmet. In our mind that is not a safe situation.”

Kuharsky’s take: Makes sense to me. When I see those plays I always wince expecting the guy to get cracked from the side and in the age of concussion concern there’s an easy way to prevent one.

McKay: “We will propose a rule on the modification of the sudden death procedure in overtime. We will say that we would like to have it where there would be an opportunity to possess in the event the first team with the ball does not score a touchdown.”

Kuharsky’s take: He indicates later it's for the postseason only. If you want it in the postseason, have it in the regular season. We need to be watching the same game in both.

McKay: “We have another rule on player numbering systems to make sure it's uniform and to expand the opportunity for players to wear different numbers, acknowledging the fact that the teams are playing a 3-4 defense and you have players who end up being defensive ends and linebackers.”

Kuharsky’s take: Surely someone popular will change, sending his devotees back to the pro shop.

And a note that impacts operations at Lucas Oil Stadium:

McKay: “One resolution applies to the situations in Indy and in Dallas with respect to the windows and the curtains. We want to standardize all that language to match up with the retractable roof policy already in place, that being that you need to declare what you're going to do in your configuration 90 minutes before the game.”