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Live blog: Broncos at Texans

December, 22, 2013
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Live blog: Broncos at Colts

October, 20, 2013
Join our NFL experts as they break down the Denver Broncos' visit to the Indianapolis Colts. Contribute your thoughts and questions beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET. And, be sure to visit our NFL Nation Blitz page for commentary from every game, as well as fan photos and the latest buzz from Twitter. See you there.

Adam Schefter thinks it's down to the Titans and Broncos for Peyton Manning.

Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

From Jeremy Lundblad of ESPN Stats & Information:

Since the merger in 1970, the Titans are only the second team to start a season 0-4 in the year following at least a 10-0 start.

The 1999 Broncos began the year 0-4 the season following a 13-0 start

That's not a club you want to join.

Those Broncos won their fifth game, at Oakland. If the Titans lose Sunday in Nashville to Indianapolis, they'll be the first team since the AFL-NFL merger to start one season 10-0 or better and begin the next 0-5.

Prefer to look at the one positive possible example?

The 1992 Chargers are the one team in history that's gone to the playoffs after an 0-4 start.
Scouts Inc.'s Jeremy Green gets the latest on Jay Cutler and the Broncos from Len Pasquarelli and Bill Williamson. Plus, Paul Kuharsky talks about the lack of leadership with the Jaguars, tampering with Albert Haynesworth and the pursuit of Torry Holt.

Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

Peyton ManningBrandon Stokley

It's a testament to the stability of the Colts' passing attack that there aren't many former Colts who were involved in the passing game to chase down for insight.

But thanks to the Broncos public relations department, I just had the chance to chat with receiver Brandon Stokley, who played for Indianapolis from 2003-2006.

Here are the highlights of our conversation about how Peyton Manning missing four-to-six weeks, including all or most of training camp, will affect the Colts' rhythm-passing offense.

On how much of the rapport Stokley had with Manning was built in training camps and preseason:

I think that's what it's all built on. Peyton, he's in there all the time and a lot of it is what they do in practice, that's why they are so good in the games. But I think with what they've done for the past seven, eight years with Marvin [Harrison] and Reggie [Wayne], I don't think they'll miss too much once he comes back because they had so much practice before. It's not like they are bringing in two new receivers. Those guys have worked so much together, I don't think they'll miss a beat once he comes back.

On whether it will be different for a young guy like Anthony Gonzalez:

It'll be tougher on him than Marvin and Reggie but I think Peyton will find a way to get some work done some way or another, whether it be through conversations or watching film.

On what the offense will be like without Manning:

Until he comes back I think you're going to see a whole different offense, scaled back for sure. Peyton, he is that offense, there is no way around it. Peyton runs everything there, without Peyton it's just not even close to being the same offense. So it will be a lot different offense for sure, and it's preseason to, so that's always a little bit different. But if you don't have Peyton back there, you don't have the Colts offense from the past seven, eight years. Not even close.

On Jim Sorgi as a fill-in:

Sorgi is a very capable quarterback. But with what the Colts do, what the Colts ask of Peyton, you can't replace him back there. He is so involved in the offense, with all the checks that they do, he's irreplaceable. He will definitely be missed for the preseason. Without him back there, it's night and day offensively.

On Manning handling missing practices:

He's going to find a way to get work done. In rehab he's going to hit it as hard as anybody does. I have no doubt he'll be ready to go at the beginning of the season and he'll be the Peyton we've seen. I don't think it's going to affect him once the season starts. He's going to miss being out there, I know that.

You're talking about a guy who doesn't like taking a rep off of practice. He doesn't ever like taking a snap off, it doesn't matter who he's going against in practice or what's going on. So I know that's going to be tough on him. But once he comes back, I think the Colts are going to be like they have been the last four or five years.

Sundquist hopes to resurface

July, 6, 2008

Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

Talked to Ted Sundquist for a column on rookie salaries and as we were winding down, I asked the former Denver Broncos GM about his plans.

Last season marked his 16th year with the Broncos and sixth as their GM, and after he was let go he came to think that, at 46, he's halfway through his career. While he hardly ranked among the league's most powerful GMs while working with Mike Shanahan, he's got a wide range of front office experience, is rated as bright and energetic and did good work with the bottom of the Broncos' roster. He was the team's director of college scouting for six years before he became GM and was a pro and college scout before that.

He hopes to get back into the NFL, but seems content with some time taking personal inventory, pondering how he'd approach an interview and spending time with his wife, Amy.

"I totally understand the Ted Thompsons, Scott Piolis and the James Harrises of the world," Sundquist said, sketching out an uncomfortable scenario. "To get back into the league, someone I consider a colleague is going to have to lose his job."

Until an opportunity comes up, Sundquist said he's looking into some opportunities in the media and with a shoe and apparel company.

My colleague Bill Williamson dealt with Sundquist while covering the Broncos for the Denver Post and told me he thinks Sundquist is a quality guy who deserves a chance to resurface and will get one.